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Experience a new kind of VR combat.

War Yards is a 1v1 multiplayer shooter that approaches bullet time combat in a whole new way. The game utilizes a unique set of mechanics that allow each player to control the speed of their opponent’s projectiles. Bullet time mode can be activated at any time, but while active it restricts the player to room-scale movement only and removes their ability to reload. These mechanics create an unparalleled combat experience that seamlessly blends fast paced action with tense strategy. War Yards combines these innovative gameplay systems with incredibly detailed stylized maps to make for a truly unforgettable VR western adventure.


Groundbreaking Multiplayer Action

War Yards innovative multiplayer bullet time mechanics create encounters that require both precise planning and quick reflexes. With just three hit points to work with, players must carefully utilize bullet time to their advantage or they risk giving their opponent the upper hand. With full cross-platform multiplayer support, this intense action can take place across nearly all VR platforms.

Explore Detailed Western Maps

War Yards highly detailed stylized maps were designed to allow for strategic gameplay strategies while also truly immersing players in the game's western setting. From speeding trains to mountaintop fortresses, the game allows players to explore stunning landscapes inspired by classic western films.

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